​"Every child we teach is a man we win. Ignorance is the night that begins the abyss.    Victor Hugo
At nursery


A rich and organized stimulation for each child to reach a level of maturity, development and optimal learning.

  • Pre-nursery (03 years)

  • Nursery I (04 years) - Including the pedagogical activity ‘Science Junior’

  • Nursery II (05 years) - Including the pedagogical activity ‘Science Junior’


​At Primary

Ensure the best balance between science, literary disciplines, languages, computer science, showcasing individual talents (singing, dancing, drawing, etc.).


* Children will be prepared for the two end-of-primary exams offered in Cameroon: C.E.P. (francophone system) and First Leaving School Certificate (English system).

Additional Information

Classes are spread over five days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Schedule: 7:15 am (Reception), 8:00 am: Beginning of classes, 2:00 pm (End of Classes). A permanence will be assured (time not yet defined).


Meals: Each child eats the snacks he brings (2 breaks-snack: 9.30-10am and 11.50-12.20)


*We encourage you to include in their diet fruits (pineapple, bananas, oranges, tangerines, etc.), vegetables (carrots, tomatoes etc ..), boiled eggs, cereal products (rice etc .. ) dairy products (yogurt, cheese etc ...) well cleaned and preserved. Why not a water bottle! You can also prepare Sandwiches (salads, carrots, tomatoes etc ..). We do not heat any food. Keep the food well for better health.

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