Our team

Tiama offers a solid training, the aim of which is not only the acquisition of knowledge, but above all the training of people of integrity capable of contributing to the sustainable development of Society.
Ongoing training of staff.
  • Chosen on the basis of competence and human qualities, he identifies with the educational project and is aware of being a model. Pedagogical methods converge towards excellence.
An effective trilinguism.
  • French, English, Spanish.
  • Pre-nursery: Josiane TCHAHGA  and Charlotte KPUYUF

  • Nursery I: Arlette DJANJO and Charlotte KPUYUF

  • Nursery II: Carine MAGUIA and Jacklin SIRRI

  • Primary I: Myriam EFFA 

  • Primary II: Alice MBEL

  • Spanish: Constança HORTA E COSTA ​​

Board of Directors
  • DR Esther TALLAH

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