Back to school 2018

  • "TIAMA Discovery Class" at the National Museum of Yaounde.

  • Departure from school by bus at 09:00

  • Museum visit

  • Photo shoot

  • Snacks

  • Return at 13h00

Activités Pédagogique

Parents Meeting

Since november 6th 2017 until today
  • Educational Activities: Junior Science

  • The activity started in January 2016 in Grande Section and Moyenne Section. It will continue. The promoter of this program developed by Nautiluscience has passed on to the teachers of Tiama the objectives and methodology. This program 'Junior Science' is oriented to stimulate and develop in children, through appropriate games, the necessary skills to learn scientific methodology, such as observation, attention, analysis, concentration, strategy problem solving.



  • Parent-teacher conference

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